How to apply

Follow these simple steps to start your application process

  • Provide your details by filling out the Interest Form here for our admission team to contact you with further details.

  • You will receive a call from our admissions team to book your child’s assessment date from the available assessment slots according to his/ her grade level.

  • Prepare the required documents, see the “Required Documents section below. Submit it in the interview day.

  • Settle the assessment and application fees to confirm your booking.

  • Attend with your child for the assessment and the family interview on the scheduled date.

Successful students will be contacted within 72 hours from the assessment date. You will need to make your first school payment within 7 days from receiving the Enrollment Offer Letter.


Students from Pre-K to Grade 3

Will have a cognitive assessment observation session with our Head of Elementary.

Students of Grade 4 and above

Will be assessed via Measure of Academic Progress (MAP Test), a computer-based assessment.

Required Documents