Manaret Al-Salem Schools

Manarat Al-Salem Educational Schools Foundation established this lofty educational edifice in the summer of 1991 AD, in Nasr City – Cairo, and these schools have provided great good to our dear homeland and its children for more than thirty years.  These schools have evolved in the right direction since their inception to meet the requirements of the third millennium, expanding with the latest buildings with sound educational conditions and providing them with the latest educational technologies such as various laboratories, libraries and playgrounds.  Its foundation was supervised and sponsored by a group of academics and administrators who realized with the correctness of their insightful vision the importance of combining modern education and preserving the Egyptian and Arab civilizational identity for future generations.

Manaret Al-Salem Schools

Manarat Al-Salem Schools adopt the curricula prescribed by the Ministry of Education, in addition to special curricula, based on the latest theories and methods in the field of learning and education. They work to contribute to the development of teaching methods and school curricula in cooperation with Egyptian universities and colleges.  Creating the appropriate atmosphere for faculty members at the university to conduct applied research in the field of learning and education.  The school includes classes for all stages from the first grade of primary school until high school (Arabic and languages) in addition to the kindergarten stage (KG1 – KG2) Arabic and languages, and it has been taken into account that the average class density is between (20-25) students.

Class Capacity
Students Gratduated from MSI Schools
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high-quality Educational facilities and services

We always strive to provide our maximum capacity for more than three decades, and we continue to enrich innovation at the local and regional levels to provide an appropriate educational and educational environment for our students in all our schools, and to provide technical support and communication tools necessary for teachers, students and parents to create a sound educational environment.  And because we realize that the only guarantee for the prosperity of any nation is the ability of its people to progress, adapt and innovate.


We are delighted that you are sending your young genius to develop all their skills in an inquiry-infused, structured, play-based approach.

Languages School

It starts from the first primary stage (G1) until secondary school (G12), where special curricula are taught in the English language.

Arabic School

It starts from the first primary stage (G1) until secondary school (G12), where the national curricula are taught in the Arabic language.

Special Needs School

It serves children with Special Needs, by recognizing students as individual learners with unique needs and learning styles.

Manaret Al-Salem Schools

We always look forward to keeping abreast of all modern technological developments and using modern strategies and methods in our advanced curricula. Preparing generations capable of facing all challenges, instilling values, principles and true belonging through hard work, love of the homeland and preserving its pillars and soil, and preparing the generation belonging to the homeland and the leader. The school is supervised by a distinguished group of administrators and teachers. In addition to the curricula of the Ministry of Education, the school applies other programs that include foreign languages ​​(English and French), computers, music, and various artistic, sports, scouting, cultural and religious activities. The school includes advanced computers distributed in two laboratories, a library, Science laboratories, ateliers, home economics, technical rooms, football and basketball courts, and a nursing room to follow up periodic examinations for students, vaccinations, and emergency cases.